The world of Fyrndell is the setting for fantasy fiction written by Daniel Mattia, an American freelance writer and author. Having grown up immersed in fantasy novels, movies, and video games, Daniel created the setting of Fyrndell as a framework for his short stories, novellas, and planned novels. His stories explore aspects of the human condition in a fictional setting where the only limits are those imposed by his own mind and imagination and influenced by his own experiences in life.

Fyrndell is a vast world of ancient powers, myriad races, and untold secrets. It is a world where gods may or may not exist, where heroes are few and far between, and where technology progresses at a haphazard pace.

The setting of Fyrndell is wholly rooted in fantasy, though not constrained to just medieval fantasy. Across the world, tribes of primitives may be subjugated by airship-traveling empires and dragons may soar through the skies over cities that cough out billowing smoke clouds of industry.

Fyrndell is a world that serves as the perfect vessel for telling countless stories: the Tales of Fyrndell.

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