IN CROWS’ CLAWS is Coming to Paperback!

Almost a year ago, IN CROW’S CLAWS was released on Amazon as an ebook. Because of formatting issues and first-time self-publishing mistakes, I never thought I’d release ICC in paperback format.

Until now.

While working to undo those first-time publishing mistakes, fate smiled upon me as Amazon’s Kindle Create program prompted me with an update. I followed through and immediately felt relief when the program displayed its patch notes:

Kindle Create could now generate paperback versions using the same file that was used to initially create the ebook.

My (happy) response isn’t fit for printing here, but I immediately went through the process and just yesterday received three proofs of the paperback edition of IN CROWS’ CLAWS:

I originally chose a “matte” cover finish but I’m not too happy with how easily-smudged/damaged the matte cover is. I’ve requested a new proof with a glossy cover and if that arrives and looks good, I’ll go ahead and publish the paperback with an announcement to follow here and on Twitter.

A few people have requested signed copies, as well. I’m incredibly humbled by the requests and honored to fulfill them, so I’ll have more details soon for those of you who want to buy a signed copy.

If you have already purchased IN CROWS’ CLAWS as an ebook and would like a paperback copy as well, please email a copy of your receipt/invoice and your address to me at dan[at]danmattia[dot]com. I’ll send the paperback to you free-of-charge as long as you have a proof-of-purchase dated before the paperback release of IN CROWS’ CLAWS.

The paperback will also be enrolled in Amazon MatchBook. Once the paperback is available for sale, purchasing the paperback will also entitle you to a free ebook copy as well.

I’m really excited to get to share my first paperback release with those of you who have been looking forward to it. I’m also incredibly grateful and thankful to everyone who’s shown and given me encouragement and continued support since the ebook release, and with my writing in general. You are the unsung heroes.

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